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How PRSSA Helps an International Student

I joined PRSSA at the beginning of sophomore year. As a college student, PRSSA was the perfect place for me to start a career. I was the member of the media design group. At first, I was scared because I thought PRSSA was a super professional organization and I didn’t know anything about website design or graphic design.

Before the first meeting, 1,000 questions popped into my head. Will people laugh at my design? Will people be annoyed with my grammar errors? Luckily, none of those happened. My group leader would always make sure that we are comfortable with what we are doing and always encourage us to ask questions.

As I worked on the website design for a non-profit organization last semester, my team leader spent a lot of time helping me. This semester, I design graphics for the Green Line Market. My new team leader, Veronica, gave me tips and instructions of designing graphics. When I am not confident with my pictures, she encouraged me and said my pictures were really good.

I am glad that I jumped out my comfort zone once, and learned skills for life.

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