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Every winter, the weather in a city may be cold, but not below freezing. This winter, New England went through a wrath of relentless snowstorms. Boston residents were pushed to their breaking points and unfortunately businesses in the area weakened in monthly sales. The solution? Joining together to start the #DigOutDineOut campaign to promote specials on social media this spring to make up for lost revenue. In a press release announced February 18th, Kevin Long of Big Night Entertainment Group strategically boosts Boston morale as he urged residents to dine on these deals.

The #DigOutDineOut campaign touches hearts by Bostonian pride. With events such as the 2013 Marathon, 2013 World Series victory, and now the 2015 Super Bowl victory, Bostonians have a reputation of being proud of their city’s strength and support from one another. “These historic storms have walloped Boston and buried us in snow, but we are hardy New Englanders,” Long said. “We are all in this together and these deals are a great way for us to start to bounce back.”

The morale has admittedly been low due to the frustrations from the snowstorm, parking bans and the MBTA struggle. The #DigOutDineOut campaign sends a positive call to action within the city of Boston. However, restaurants such as Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square remained opened through all of the storms and one of the managers, Deena Marlette, said, “Eastern Standard was certainly affected by the snow storms, however, as a restaurant attached to a busy and thriving hotel, we are open 364 days a year, no matter what.” When asked about the advantages and disadvantages of the snow, Marlette responded, “Whenever we have these kinds of events, whether they be weather related or not, the Boston community really comes together to support one another and brings a sense of camaraderie to Eastern Standard.” Marlette’s advice to Bostonians is to “Just get out and support local businesses. Whether it be the family-owned coffee shop on the corner of the street or a boutique in the South End, go out and spend!”

#DigOutDineOut is a great way to promote businesses that have suffered from the storm. Let’s hope that the snow stops for this winter and doesn’t return until next winter. Bostonians want spring already!

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