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When I was a freshman, I didn’t even think about going to a professional organization. I didn’t worry about looking for a job in the future, or planning ahead. I joined BU PRSSA at the beginning of sophomore year.

Unleashed PR at BU PRSSA is the perfect place for students like me to network with different organizations, socialize with other students, and understand the basic contents of graphic design and research. But it’s also so much more than that.

Having a small group meeting every Thursday and working with different companies gives me great real life experiences. It’s almost like having a job, but with the permission to make mistakes and learn from them.

After I’ve done my project, my group leader will look at it and tell me the things I need to change or improve. I have the chances to make mistakes, learn, and improve. My skills grow stronger every time I work on a different project.

BU PRSSA offers me opportunities to gain skills and experiences, but at the same time, work with a team that supports me unconditionally.

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