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HealthMatters@BUSargent is the podcast of the Boston University’s College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College. The mission of Sargent College is to advance, preserve, disseminate, and apply knowledge in the health and rehabilitation sciences. BU Sargent College strives to create an environment that fosters critical and innovative thinking to best serve the health care needs of society. The moderator of the podcast is Dr. Karen Jacobs, who is the Associate Dean, Digital Learning and Innovation, a Clinical Professor and the Program Director at Sargent College.

Professor Blake (BU):

Professor Joan Salge Blake is a Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University one Nutrition and Healthy Eating Expert. She is the author of the Nutrition & YouNutrition & You: Core Concepts to Good Health, and Nutrition: From Science to You

As an American Dietetic Association Media Spokesperson and Nutrition Expert for BU, she has conducted over 500 media interviews annually.

Prof. Blake was awarded the 2009 Annie Galbraith Outstanding Dietitian by the Massachusetts Dietetic Association.

Grasso Associates:

Grasso Associates is a results-based consultant firm offering projects and operations management, corporate public relations services, crisis communication and corporate reputation management, and much more. With unmatched success in acquiring permits and performing Public Relations and Governmental Affairs activities, they represent and help plan, develop, and build various types of projects for organizations from the energy industry to the marijuana business. They enlist support of countless stakeholders including elected and appointed officials, environmental organizations, and other business organizations.

Fox Point Consulting: 

Fox Point Consulting focused on power project development, engineering services, and global experience. Mr. Daniel Baublis, a registered professional engineer with proven senior executive leadership in the global power industry, combines more than 35 years of professional experience with owners, stakeholders, manufacturers, A/E firms, and EPC contractors. A relationship-driven and collaborative professional, Mr. Baublis developed and delivered projects on six continents, powered by a wide variety of fuels, from natural gas and coal to coal-seam methane and fuel oils ranging from light to heavy.