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Surviving COM 2014

Welcome back to School Boston University PR students!

This is going to be the year of success, enjoyment, learning and much more. How are your first week of classes going? The start of the fall semester is always the hardest. After summer break, you don’t ever want to write or study again…believe me we’re all in the same place, but hey you are in PR. As the semester gets put into full gear, just remember these five things about COM:

1. Use Student Services/Career Services

I will repeat this one again…use student and career services! They are there to help you throughout your college career. Even if you think you have everything under your belt regarding credits, abroad and classes, still go! It is important to get a second opinion on things especially professionals in the communications field.

2. Join COM clubs

There are a variety of COM clubs. Everyone is bound to find one that works for him/her, so test it out. Go to a PRSSA meeting and if it’s not for you, go to an Ad Club meeting. There are endless opportunities within COM, so take advantage of them. You always have the option to create your own club/organization. With new communication devices and hashtags being created every day, the sky is the limit.

3. We all know writing sucks, but it is the key to COM

If you have a paper due, which if you are in COM, more than likely you will have twenty papers due this semester, get a second look! Your professors are there to help you. It isn’t like high school. The professors at BU are passionate about their classes and are willing to help. Go to office hours, grab coffee with a professor, have them proofread your work.

4. Your career choice is coming sooner than you think

It is scary to think, but college flies by…just ask the upperclassmen. As a freshman or sophomore, it is ok not to know what you want to do with your life. Don’t fret that is what trying new things are for. The question that helps me: What/Where within________(fill in the blank with your major) would be a best fit for me?

5. Have fun…you’re a COM student afterall!

Last, but not least have fun while you learn. Smile every day and be proud that you are a part of one of the top communication schools in the country! Keep COM and Carry On.

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