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Navigating Through LinkedIn

It is no secret that technology these days plays a large role in the hiring process. It is easy to judge a person based on a single Google search. Have you ever Googled your name and seen the results? Your personal brand is everything when it comes to securing a job. One of the top results when Googling my name is my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn gives undergrads/recent graduates an important chance to impress employers by digitally giving them a sense of our personal brand. Here are a few tips for improving your LinkedIn profile:

  • Have an appropriate picture:

While you may reach for a fun photo of you out with your friends on a Friday night, it may not be the initial impression you want to give your future employer. Make sure your photo is of you alone (but avoid selfies!) and most importantly work-appropriate. A professional headshot or senior picture is always the best option.

  • Don’t be afraid to connect

It could be a little intimidating to send connections. However, it is a great way to keep in contact with co-workers from previous jobs or colleagues from class. I is important to reach out and add contacts to get your name out in the industry.

  • Try not to over-connect

There is a gray area in terms of how many people it is appropriate to connect with. Thousands of connections may get your name out in your industry, but it may not show that you are as serious because you most likely do not know all of your connections personally. I try and connect with friends, mutual friends, past employers, professors or possible future employers.

  • Have a killer bio

Whether you’re searching for an entry-level job or working your way up the PR ladder, you must introduce yourself with a strong bio. To help create your bio, brainstorm a timeline of your education, personal achievements and professional career thus far. Then add some details while highlighting your best accomplishments. Remember to keep it short with a strong opening sentence.

  • Join groups

Few people know that there is a 50-group maximum on LinkedIn- take full advantage of it. Groups are a great way to make the most out of the services LinkedIn offers. You can join groups and have engaging conversations about the industry, network and job-search or enhance your credibility. Once you join a group, be sure to proactively visit and join the discussion boards.

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