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Welcome to the PR life!

Whether you are an incoming freshman exploring the PR industry for the first time or an upperclassman switching majors, we welcome you all with open arms. There is no better place to dive into this field than right here at BU’s notable College of Communication. You will learn that Vigil’s 101 class is absolutely no joke, but worth it. You will challenge yourself by trying out different routes within the industry. You will find yourself questioning if this is really right for you. Maybe you will even look into advertising or film in the future. Whether you stick with PR or not, we are happy that you’re here. For me, these past two years as a PR major at BU have been all of the above. There were moments when I tried out classes of different majors, even schools—but through trying other classes, I realized this is exactly where I want to be.

I found a desire to be a voice for the voiceless through the nonprofit field. And for me, it was by taking classes like Professor Duboff’s nonprofit CM345. For me, it was serving as the PR chair for BU’s The Supply, a nonprofit organization that strives to transform lives through education. And for me, it also meant trying completely other things to figure out how I want to be engaged in this field. From Unleashed to intramural volleyball to the Korean Student Association—I’ve found many new joys here. And right now, I am doing my first internship at an environmental graphic design firm as the Marketing Intern. Only four weeks in, and it’s been a crazy learning experience to say the least.

The best part is that I’ve only experienced a bit, and still have SO much more to explore. So my advice to you is a bit cliché, but really and truly take a hold of all the opportunities you have here, aside from just PR. Be a part of a club you are passionate about, maybe even the e-board. Join a sorority if you want a loving, fun-filled community among sisters. Pick up an intramural sport you never thought you would play. Apply for internships to get a taste of the real world. But through all of that, find what you really want to do in life. Once again, welcome and get pumped to join us as we do what we love the most!

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